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set dosa recipe

Set Dosa Recipe: The Set dosa is a simple and delicious dosa recipe made with rice, urad dal, and flattened rice (poha). The set dose, unlike other dosa varieties, is known for its softness, sponginess, lightness, size, and serving style. It is an ideal breakfast recipe because it contains three dosas in one serving and is best served with chutney or coconut kurma.

Dosa recipes are a staple food in India and are typically served for breakfast in the morning. There are many different types of dosas in India, each with its own shape, size, texture, and consistency. The set dosa, also known as the set dose, is a simple and easy dosa recipe from south India or Karnataka that comes in a batch of three dosas.

Dosas are an essential part of South Indian cuisine, and almost every region in the south has its own unique way of making them. The Karnataka Style Set Dosa is a thick dosa that comes in a set of three when you visit any Darshinis or Sagars in Karnataka.

The soft and pillowy nature of set dosa, as well as the distinct feature of holes all over the dosa, distinguishes it. This is accomplished by incorporating poha/aval into the batter. A normal dosa does not have aval/poha in the batter, but it may produce a soft dosa to the extent of an uttapam.

Please try this Set Dosa recipe and let us know how it turns out. When packed with chutney, it also makes an excellent lunch box. It’s a hit with the kids, and it’s a must-have in their lunchbox once a week.

Serve the Karnataka Style Set Dosas with Tomato Onion Chutney, Coconut Coriander Chutney, and Ginger Walnut Chutney.

Anyway, before I wrap up this post, I’d like to highlight a few tips, suggestions, and variations for a perfect set dosa recipe. First and foremost, I used idli rice for this recipe, which results in a soft and spongy dosa. However, you can use other rice varieties, such as sona masuri, and expect the same results. Second, fermentation is essential for achieving a soft, spongy, and light set dose recipe. If you live in a cold and dry climate, use a preheated oven or natural light. Finally, once the dosa batter has fermented and the salt has been added, do not allow it to ferment any further. To stop the fermentation, place the batter in the refrigerator.

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set dosa recipe

Set Dosa Recipe

A pillowy soft dosa made with rice and poha/aval that is usually served in groups of three with coconut chutney or karnataka style sambar. These are commonly served in darshinis, making it a delicious breakfast meal for people looking for a quick breakfast.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
soaking Time 8 hrs
Total Time 8 hrs 30 mins
Course Breakfast
Cuisine karnataka
Servings 20 Dosa


  • 2 cups  idli rice
  • 1/2 cup  urad dal
  • 1/2 tsp  methi / fenugreek
  • 1 cup  poha / aval / flattened rice   (thin)
  • water (for soaking & grinding)
  • 2 tbsp  salt
  • oil  (for roasting)


  • To begin, combine 2 cups idli rice, 1/2 cup urad dal, and 1/2 teaspoon methi in a large mixing bowl.
  • Soak for 5 hours in enough water.
  • Drain the water and place it in the mixi or grinder.
  • In batches, blend to a smooth paste, adding water as needed.
  • 1 cup poha, rinsed well, in a bowl
  • Blend to a smooth paste, adding water as needed.
  • Well combine the rice-urad dal batter and poha paste.
  • Cover and leave to ferment for 8 hours in a warm place.
  • The batter had doubled in size after 8 hours. Gently combine without disturbing the air bubbles.
  • The batter had doubled in size after 8 hours. Gently combine without disturbing the air bubbles.
  • Add 2 tsp salt and stir well.
  • Preheat the griddle and add a ladle of batter.
  • circulate in a circular motion Masala dosa is slightly thicker than regular masala dosa.
  • 1/2 teaspoon oil should also be poured around the edges.
  • In the presence of steam, cover and roast the dosa until golden brown from the bottom and completely cooked from the top.
  • Finally, serve the dosas with chutney.
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  • First, if you’re using thick poha, soak it for at least 20 minutes.
  • In addition, blend the batter to a smooth paste, adding water as needed.
  • Furthermore, because dosa is very soft, the size of the dosa must be small.
  • Finally, the set dosa recipe is very light, so you can easily eat three dosas.


What is the composition of set dosa?

Set dosa is an easy and tasty dosa recipe made with rice, urad dal, and flattened rice (poha). The set dose, unlike other dosa varieties, is known for its softness, sponginess, lightness, size, and serving style.

Is a set dosa good for your health?

Dosa, a healthy breakfast option, contains the ideal amount of fat (and can also be made in ghee), making it a healthy choice. The good carbohydrates in the dosa batter break down slowly and provide you with the energy you need throughout the day.

How many calories are in a serving of dosa?

Rice, oil, fenugreek, and lentil are the main ingredients used in the preparation of dosa. Assuming that the ingredients are used sparingly, the average calories in a dosa (100 g) can range from 165 to 170 calories.

What kind of rice is used for dosa?

Dosa batter can be made with short or medium-grained white rice or parboiled idli rice. A simple dosa recipe will consist of rice, urad dal, and salt. The proportions for making dosa vary, and changing the proportions can result in a soft, thick dosa, a thin dosa, or a crispy dosa.

Is dosa considered a junk food?

According to celebrity cardiologist Dr Devi Shetty, masala dosa is a junk food. This is because the combination of potato and butter adds a lot of calories. According to food safety standards, a product that contains less than 0.2 gms of trans fats per serving is considered trans fat free in India.

What’s the distinction between set dosa and uttapam?

Image result Uthappam is a type of South Indian dosa. … Unlike a traditional dosa, which is thin and crepe-like, uttapam is thicker and filled with toppings.

Is it safe to eat dosa on a daily basis?

Dosa, on the other hand, is a healthy breakfast option for people who need to limit their fat intake. A high intake of saturated fat raises the risk of heart disease and a variety of other health issues. Dosas have a low saturated fat content, making them a healthy and safe breakfast option.

Why do we feel sleepy after consuming dosa?

Carbohydrate-rich foods also aid in the production of serotonin and tryptophan, two amino acids found in the brain. This is why you feel drowsy after eating carbohydrate-rich foods. Drowsiness is caused by food combinations containing tryptophan amino acid (protein) and carbohydrates.

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