12 Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus)

Khus Khus or Poppy seeds are a well-known ingredient that can be found in a variety of Indian cuisines. There are also Numerous Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds. They are known by different names in different states of India. While they have an unusual nutty flavour, they are highly recommended for adding a nice aroma to any cuisine.

Poppy seeds are widely available in a variety of varieties. The following are the most common types:

White poppy seeds are also referred to as Indian/Asian poppy seeds.
Blue poppy seeds – Also known as Opium poppy seeds – Oriental poppy seeds – Opium poppy seeds – Blue poppy seeds – Opium poppy seeds – Blue poppy seeds – Opium poppy seeds – Blue poppy seeds

1 Fertility Enhancement

Poppy seeds play an important role in increasing female fertility. They are known to help with pregnancy by removing mucus from the fallopian tubes. They also increase sexual desire and sexual health by increasing libido.

2 Combats insomnia

Opium Poppy has a strong sedative effect. The seeds are known to have a calming effect, which aids in stress reduction. They can be drunk as a tea or made into a paste and mixed with warm milk for a peaceful night’s sleep. In addition, read 4 ways to treat insomnia.

3 Bone Stability

Poppy seeds, which are high in copper and calcium, aid in bone health. Manganese in the seeds aids in the production of collagen, a protein that protects the bones from severe damage. Also, read about the best foods for strong bones.

4 Enhances Digestion

Poppy seeds are high in insoluble fibre, which helps to strengthen the digestive system and effectively treat constipation.

5 Effective Treatment for Mouth Ulcers

Poppy seeds are known to be an excellent treatment for mouth ulcers due to their cooling effect on the body. However, only a limited amount of research exists to support this ideology.

Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds

6 Blood Pressure Management

Poppy seeds contain oleic acid, which has been shown to lower blood pressure.

7 Excellent for the eyes

Poppy seeds contain zinc and antioxidants, which help to improve vision and protect against eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Also, read about eye care tips for good vision.

8 Aids in the treatment of kidney stones

The potassium content of poppy seeds aids in the treatment of kidney stones as well as the prevention of their recurrence. Also, read about the 5 symptoms of kidney stones.

9 Thyroid Benefits

Zinc is an essential nutrient for thyroid glands, and poppy seeds, due to their high zinc content, play an important role in thyroid function. Also, check out the 8 best foods for thyroid patients.

10 Diabetes Management

Poppy seeds are an essential part of a diabetic’s diet. The manganese in the seeds aids in diabetes treatment.

11 Analgesic (natural)

Poppy seeds have been a tried and true pain reliever for generations. Many ancient medical practitioners used the analgesic properties of poppy seeds to relieve pain and discomfort in their patients. Some reports also suggest drinking Poppy tea, which is made by combining the seeds with hot water, to alleviate pain. The Opium variant of poppy seeds has a significantly higher pain-relieving property.

12 Aids in the treatment of dandruff

Apply a paste made of soaked Poppy seeds, white pepper, and hung curd to your hair. Allow for a half-hour soak before rinsing. Use on a regular basis to keep dandruff at bay. Learn more about dandruff home remedies.

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